Isabelle Hourchani


Isabelle, an artist from the Breton region of France, settled in Senegal in 1999. The discipline of practicing Hatha-Yoga for 20 years has helped her realize her artistic inclinations, from the acquisition of different mosaic techniques to the art of framing.

Her association with local glass painters enables her to create a variety of interior decorating objects (clocks, trays, mirrors, tables,...). Thorough her immense creativity, the artistic works of others become even more valuable.

Seeing her art grow in popularity, Isabelle opened her own workshop, Misti-Cadre in Point E, downtown Dakar. There, she teaches different mosaic and framing techniques to her many students who come from around the world.

Since discovering her gift for mosaic in 1997, she has become passionate about it. She experiments with materials, continually looks for new ideas, and tries out different grout colors and color combinations. Above all, she finds true pleasure in creating and imagining!

She is self-motivated, and has learned from others, thanks to mosaists that she's met that have transmitted their passion to her during her different apprenticeships. Since 2001, she has thrown herself into creating unique pieces, transforming the paintings of glass painters into objects or the sublime, thanks to mosaic.

Her mosaics are made with glass painted in the "sous-verre" or under glass technique. She also dabbles with other decorative elements to embellish and create pieces that are truly unique. Every piece becomes therefore, an original work of art.




La Mosaïque, un moyen d'expression que je ne cesse d'explorer en exploitant au mieux l'univers coloré, harmonieux et géométrique de cette technique artistique.
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