Kamal Mosaic Courses:

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Atelier Kamal Mosaic

next to City Dia at Point E

Class Schedule :


Tuesday and Friday, from 9am to 12:30am
Saturday from 9:30am to 13pm


Thurday from 14:00 to 17:30

Cell : (221) 77.554.6440

Email : isa@kamal-mosaic.com


| Student Creations |



The goal of this course is to learn mosaic techniques in order to create personalized interior decorating pieces (trays, mirrors, table tops, vases...).

This course will awaken your sense of perception and observation. It will help you express your sensitivity and develop your own creative spirit through the discovery of shapes, materials, and colors.


Anyone of any level is welcome!
Courses are 3.5 hours per session



La Mosaïque, un moyen d'expression que je ne cesse d'explorer en exploitant au mieux l'univers coloré, harmonieux et géométrique de cette technique artistique.
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